Thank you to all our volunteers


Many thanks to everyone who helped to make the day such a success. 

We are very grateful to the Coastguard, Police and Ambulance service, for helping with traffic and safety on the day.  Also to all the volunteers who helped as marshals, timekeepers, spotters, water station helpers, tea makers, etc.  We are very grateful to the school for the use of the canteen, and of course, all 35 runners and 5 walkers who took part on this windy day. 

Prize Winners
 1st male  Paul Morrison   36:30 
 2nd male  Owen Johnson  38:43
 3rd male  Nea MacInnes  39:48
 1st female  Gemma Beaton   46:34 
 2nd female  Shona Morrison   47:06
 3rd female   Philippa Davies  53:53

Paul Morrison Owen Johnson      Nea MacInnes

Gemma Beaton

Click here for the full results.

Many thanks to Calum Fraser and Peter Keiller for these photographs and those on our Facebook page.

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