Many thanks to everyone who helped to make the day such a success

This race was held in support of the 1 Million Miles for Ellie campaign spear-headed by Michelle MacDonald.  Thank you all who who donated money toward this cause which supports charities, Cancer Research UK, Maggie’s Centres and MacMillan Cancer Support.  We will post the amount raised when it has been tallied.

We are very grateful to the Coastguard especially John MacDonald who had to walk the route early!  To the Ambulance Service, and Annie, Ann-Marie, Bella, Pam, Chrissie Mary, Michelle, Chris, Alasdair, Fiona, Gwen, Peter, Robert, who helped as marshals, timekeepers, spotters, water station helpers, tea makers, etc.  And those who cheers the runners over the finish line. We are very grateful to the school for the use of the canteen, and of course, all 63 participants.  

Thank you too for the large turnout from the military personnel who swelled our numbers - suitably rewarded by taking the prizes for first male and first female.

Prize winners

 First male  Ben Hellmers   37:04 
 Second male       Oliver Foote  37:46
 Third male  Nea MacInnes         38:35

 First female  Lisamarie Linden     46:39 
 Second female    Amy Dickinson  47:17
 Third female  Suzanne Forman  47:19

You can download the full results here.


            Ben Hellmers                                Oliver Foote       Nea MacInnes


        Lisamarie Linden   Amy Dickinson, Suzanne Forman

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