Results from the Fun Run and Fast Track 2012

Fast Track

There were 49 entrants this years.  We are very pleased with this level of support as not only did the date clash with the Queens Jubillee, but also the local Mod.

The prize winners for 11 years and under category were as follows:

Position  Name  Age Time  
 1st Male  Arran Burnett  10   14:59  
 2nd Male  DJ MacMillan  11  17:05  
 3rd Male  Ailig MacDonald    9  17:08  
 1st Female Rebecca Burnett  11  16:26  New female course record!!
 2nd Female  Hannah MacLennan  11  17:10  
 3rd Female  Orflaith MacPherson  11  17:38  

The prize winners for 8 years and under category were as follows:

Position Name Age  Time 
 1st Male    Harry Bray   7  20:34
 2nd Male  Keith Bray   7  20:35
 3rd Male  Tyler Gilles   7  20:43
 1st Female  Krysta Bray   8  20:35
 2nd Female  Sophie Kelty   6  30:31
 3rd Female  Kirsty MacMillan   <1  34:20


The full Fast Track Results are also available.

Fun Run

The Fun Run was less well supported this year, with only six participants.  
On a positive note, each of the finishers received a winners trophy!  Ken MacLeod, a regular, now in his 85th year, took the 3rd male.

Position Name Time
 1st Male  Richard Hiddleston  0:34:14
 2nd Male  Billy Brookes  0:34:18
 3rd Male  Kenneth MacLeod  1:36:02
 1st Female  Holly MacIver    0:31:33
 2nd Female  Helen Gibson    0:39:45
 3rd Female  Ann Montgomery  49:40


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