Results from the Fast Track and Fun Run

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Fast Track.  A record breaking 74 entrants this year.  Well done to all entrants.

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Prize winners in the 9-11 years category are:

1st boy Ailig MacDonald 14:53
2nd boy Shaun MacDonald 16:05
3rd boy James MacLennan 16:53

1st girl Amie Ringstead 18:50
2nd girl Emma Monk 19:40
3rd girl Elisa Morrison 24:40

In the 8 years and under category:

1st boy  Alasdair MacPhee 18:24
2nd boy Ryan MacLounan 20:14
3rd boy Anthony MacInnes 20:49

1st girl Eilidh MacIver 24:47
2nd girl Rhys Linich 25:35
3rd girl Jodie Rafique 25:52

Fun Run

This was the last year of the Fun Run.

The old Fun Run route took you over a 4.5 mile course along the road. From the school, runners went west, turned towards Torlum then on through to the main road where they headed south, until they could turn back towards the school.  The final leg had a pavement, but for much of the route runners followed the road. This race was open to all runners and walkers over 12 years old. 

The entire run was on roads, and included the main road running north-south road. The road here is flanked by ditches, so care was required. This unfortunately meant that it is not suitable for pushchairs, nor wheelchair users who were not able to enter the race.

The number of participants had been low for a while. It took several volunteers to host this race alone, and it had been challenging to find people who are able to commit to the helping in all the roles required on the day.

With more races of 5km and 10km distance being held throughout Uist, there are many more opportunities for people to run this intermediate distance.

Click for the full Fun Run Results.

1st male Calum Craib 34:28
2nd male Craig McClounnan 36:16
3rd male Calum Morrison 37:14

1st female   Sarah Jane MacDonald 40:15
2nd female  Lo MacKinnon 44:23
3rd female Mairead MacIntyre 45:55

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